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Campaign Memoirs 2009


Series 1 (Summer, 2009):  



    Kickin' Up a Ruckus    




With these chapters we offer you an impartial or at least disinterested way of viewing the events at WBAI Local Station Board meetings.  We hope everyone will watch the EXTRACTS below.  As you notice, they are each 16 min.  They were selected for any type of significant disruption-- including my own hoots and hollers from behind the camera!  Regardless of what kind or by whom.  We think they are lively and interesting; hopefully you will find them not unwatchable.  We plan to return to them periodically during the campaign. 

We have motion picture recordings of about 70 meetings since 2005.  From before the meeting begins to after it ends.  Analyzing them is a daunting if not impossible task, but focusing on a short period of time is feasible.  Contact us at the numbers listed below for any helpful comments, questions or suggestions.  For more information about WBAI and The Pacifica Foundation, visit WBAI.org.  For Albert Solomon's Candidate Statement, visit Pacifica.org.  For Independents' website, visit takeFORWARDwbai.org. 

As for Chapter 2, we do not mean to single out the people quoted there; but for whatever reason, their speeches were promised in Albert Solomon's candidate statement.  Now is certainly not the time to go back on campaign promises!  Also, theirs are probably the most angry speeches of the two meetings.  (Of course, their speeches are already included in the EXTRACTS.)

After the EXTRACTS were completed, we noticed that these two meetings (May 28 and June 10) were also the meetings that Andrea Fishman had chaired.  As is well known, Ms. Fishman is and for a long time has been a tireless champion of the power of discussion and protection of the ability to dialog peacefully and rationally– against a group of people who are quite determined and practiced in sowing mayhem and misinformation.

Ms. Fishman is not normally the Chairperson of the Local Station Board, she is the Vice-Chair.  For these two meetings the regular Chairperson, Mitchel Cohen, was away.  Although she was extremely flustered almost all of the time, we think she did a really good job of weathering the storm and still protecting the discussion.  In fact, we are really trying to do the same thing with these movies.

There are many, many tests of this self-appointed minister of justice throughout EXTRACTS 1 and 2, and we leave it to your judgement to see what you think about them and about her.  Is she a noble fighter for justice and free inquiry?  Or is she a selfish, spiteful hypocrite who only wants to put the Network into the hands of venture capitalists?

We also ask you, as you view these EXTRACTS, to observe the demeanor of the people on the Board and in the audience, the amount and kind of information they offer.  Can you tell who among the speakers supports the Independents and who supports J&U?  If so, can you see any difference between the two?  And we sincerely hope that this effort will help you decide how to vote in the current conflict. 

NOTE:  You might protest that there has been nothing specifically about elections so far.  This is partly because, being an election at a radio station, there is almost a complete blackout of the election on the Station.  In fact, a candidate's voice may not even be heard on the radio-- in any capacity!  Even a candidate's name may not be heard on the radio, no matter who utters it or for what purpose.  Now this may be necessary because of fair campaign rules, but it makes for a very very very dull election! 

Of course this silence does not apply to Candidate Forums, Candidate Carts (brief announcements made by each candidate) and other Candidate events. 

As Yvonne Singh (the Premiums Director) says, Bear with us, You will receive your movies! 

Thank you,




Chapter 1 - Disruption:  Extracts from May 28 and June 10, 2009 WBAI Local Station Board (LSB) Meetings 

Released July 21, 2009.  





EXTRACT 1 - May 28, 2009 - 16 min <--->

EXTRACT 2 - June 10, 2009 - 16 min <--->

NOTE:  No narration is provided with this Chapter. 



Chapter 2 - Three Outraged Speakers:  Josh Wolinsky, Don DeBar and Myriam Decime - 29 min <--->

Released August 30, 2009



Chapter 3 - LaVarn the New Station Manager =plus= Organizational Chart of Pacifica =plus= Russell Dale =plus= Gil Obler - 41 min <--->

Released October 20, 2009



NOTE:  The chapters below are influenced by the suggestions of our viewers, as is everything else about this series.  We hope to have about 12 chapters done by the end of the elections in January, 2010, when the new WBAI delegates will be seated.  Comments and suggestions are more than welcome; see the numbers below under CONTACT US.



Chapter 4 - The Hidden Element of Public Comment:  Ed Marshall, Andrea Fishman, Mitchel Cohen, Ken Laufer <--->

Tune in to discover what the Hidden Element might be!  


Chapter 5 - Public Comment:  Theirs and Ours <--->

A further discussion of selected Public Commenters at the May 28 and June 10 meetings. 


All materials Copyright © 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Albert B. Solomon.  All rights reserved.




These recordings, the website PACVID1.com, their content, and operators are not affiliated with or authorized by The Pacifica Foundation, Inc. in any way. 

The authors of these motion pictures and these web pages are not neutral, we are allied with and give our full support to the Independent Movement at WBAI and throughout Pacifica.  We applaud their recent accomplishments and we urge everyone in the strongest terms to get out the vote so as to increase our slender majority and consolidate our gains throughout the Network.  Albert Solomon is a proud Independent candidate for the LSB at WBAI.  He applauds the ongoing fund drive which is the SECOND successful fundraiser of the new administration. 

That said, we nevertheless believe that these materials are prepared in a way-- including the selection of the two EXTRACTS-- that allows independent interpretation by all parties and all points of view. 



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